Zero Cases fulfills new order in record time…

Zero Cases UK, based in Smethwick, Sandwell, has fulfilled one of its most complex orders – designing super lightweight cases for use transporting aircraft servicing-related parts.

Zero Cases (UK) said it had had to call on its 35 years of case making expertise combined with its recently improved and acquired lean manufacturing skills, to provide the right solution for its new customer, Didsbury Engineering.

Mike Dimmack, Zero’s UK Plant Manager, said: “We were given the challenge of building a case which had to be very light, robust and able to meet Didsbury’s aerospace related demands.

“The dimensions were 1.5m x 1.1m x 0.85m. The case made of aluminium, needed to be strong, durable and the internal layout was specifically designed to meet the industry sector leading product to be transported.”

The resulting case featured minimal joints, parts and fittings in order to reduce the weight and meet the design specifications.

The company created the case by enhancing an existing design, rolling the sheet aluminium and enveloping the products the case would be protecting.

The firm was given just three weeks to design, manufacture, and ship the cases. Work on the first five cases has been completed and a further five are now due for delivery.

Demand for cases that are customised to meet specific needs has become a significant part of Zero’s business. In response, it has developed new product lines to meet the requirements.

Zero Cases (UK) is the UK arm of US-based Zero Manufacturing, Inc. The firm’s cases are used to transport very small parts, marine, aircraft or aerospace related parts, engines, turbine and various other applications where the product needs to be shipped safely.