Sandwell case maker Zero grows exports in India and China

A Sandwell based manufacturer has expanded its international trade strategy by successfully moving into the emerging markets of India and China.

Smethwick-based ZERO Cases UK, which makes and supplies specialist protective cases to a range of industries, said the value of orders from India was expected to top £120,000 by the end of 2013, with the predictions for China not far behind, following an initial order for 120 cases.

Mike Dimmack, ZERO UK’s plant manager, said: “The export expansion to non-European markets is especially important for us as it helps us to balance any possible effects deriving from the austerity measures which are currently being employed throughout the Eurozone.

“Manufacturers in general have to trade within a very challenging economic environment at the moment. It therefore makes sense to pursue a sales and marketing programme which is not only focussed on the UK and Europe, but goes beyond.”

He added that due to increased exposure of ZERO products in India; the company’s network of users in the sub-continent was growing steadily from month to month, helping to strengthen market position in the country.

Advances into the Asian market are also helping to complement the company’s robust sales throughout Europe.

The firm said it now planned to extend marketing activities in the Middle East and Asia and would be process of developing new product ranges to appeal to the new markets.

These feature vacuum form plastic and additional lightweight aluminium rack cases, the products will complement the company’s existing range of aluminium, plastic and bespoke enclosures.

On top of that, the firm will also be introducing an increased variety of larger rotor moulded case sizes and deep drawn carry cases with enhanced protective surface finish.

The firm said one of its most successful export products was its aluminium 700 series 19” rack and modified aluminium deep drawn transit type cases, which have proven to be particularly popular with the Indian commercial aerospace sector.

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