Tentec bolts holding up a work of modern art

Design engineers at bolt tensioning specialists Tentec are more used to dealing with large industrial equipment and offshore oil rigs, so it made a change when they were approached to help with a unique project at the Tate Modern.











A £225 million development is underway to build a new extension to the south of the building that will transform the most visited modern art gallery in the world.

The extension, scheduled to be opened in 2016, will create more space for displaying the collection as well as for performance and installation art and learning, all allowing visitors to engage more deeply with art, as well as creating more social spaces for visitors to unwind and relax in the gallery.

Construction is currently taking place and Due to the unique design, a problem was encountered when it was discovered that the regular hexagonal nuts used to bolt the steel structures together could not be satisfactorily tightened due to restricted access.

The construction company turned to West Bromwich-based Tentec to explore alternative solutions. As experts in the field of bolt tightening, the experienced engineers at Tentec recommended the use of their hydraulic nuts which have been specifically designed for use where access is restricted.

With application of hydraulic pressure to the hydraulic nuts, bolt load is generated effortlessly and the user needs only to insert easily fitted shims to retain the bolt load. The hydraulic pressure is then released and an accurate bolt load is retained.

Tentec managing director Mike Gethings said: “Although this civil engineering project was a relatively unusual application for us, we had the ideal solution. Our hydraulic nuts are easy to install and their use greatly improves the integrity of the joint. Following on from this project, I expect our orders in this market area to increase.”

Founded in 1988, the £10 million-a-year business was bought by one of Sweden’s biggest industrial groups in a deal that secured the jobs of all 65 staff at the Guns Lane firm.

Tentec is now run a separate business within the general industry division of Atlas Copco Industrial Technique.

Source: http://www.expressandstar.com/business/business-picks/2014/05/20/tentec-bolts-holding-up-a-work-of-modern-art/