Grant funding means business growth for A & T Enclosures

A & T Enclosures logoThe managing director of a high-tech Black Country manufacturing firm has thanked the Think Sandwell team for our role in helping his company secure over half a million pounds’ worth of grant funding to expand its operations.

A & T Enclosures of Brierley Hill in Dudley makes specialist enclosures for electrical equipment. Its product range includes stainless steel cabinets, workstations, desks and switchboards to mount and house electrical switches, controls and displays.

A & T’s key industries are water, data centres, renewable energy and power generation (especially wind and solar farms), rail network and the marine/offshore sector. The company’s client base is rapidly growing.

“We are currently experiencing growth of about 20 in orders year on year,” said managing director Tim King, who sought finance from the Regional Growth Fund to assist A & T Enclosures in expanding to larger premises and acquiring new equipment.

Established in 2010, the Regional Growth Fund is a government-led initiative which supports eligible projects and programmes in raising private-sector investment to create economic growth and lasting employment. The Think Sandwell team has extensive experience in helping local businesses access this funding and, in A & T Enclosures’ case, helped the company secure £577K.

This was part of a bigger funding package (as reported in this Birmingham Mail story) which is enabling the company to employ more staff and invest in research and development (R&D).

“Without Think Sandwell the project would not have happened! Their support through the whole process has been fantastic, enabling the business to expand,” said Tim.

“Thanks to the RGF grant the future for A & T Enclosures Ltd is looking extremely positive. The large investment in plant, machinery and buildings has given us a huge step forward in productivity and competitiveness.”

Congratulations to A & T Enclosures. Take a look at our Business Services pages to see how Think Sandwell could help with your business development plans.