‘Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses’ programme applications open

The Goldman Sachs ‘10,000 Small Businesses’ UK (10KSBUK) programme provides practical education and business support for high-growth small businesses and social enterprises across the country.

The programme brings together leaders of small businesses from many industry sectors and provides networking and peer learning opportunities. The programme, established in 2010, was designed and is run by leading national and international entrepreneurial learning experts.

Small businesses in the UK play an integral role in job creation and economic growth. Social enterprises are now also contributing to the country’s economic and community development but there is a gap in the support available to these enterprises and small businesses.

The 10KSBUK programme specifically addresses that gap and aims to help small enterprises unlock their economic and job-creation potential. The programme offers participants over 100 hours of business and management education involving a mix of online and residential sessions.

The coaching is delivered by specialists and professional practitioners, with a strong focus on structured peer learning and the creation of a community of entrepreneurs.

The emphasis throughout the programme is on learning what is applicable to each individual business and what can be implemented immediately. It provides practical tools and resources to help lay the foundations for long-term sustainable growth and job creation.

Following on from the successful first round of applications for the programme, Goldman Sachs has announced that the applications for the second round are currently live.

The application site is open and businesses should apply by Thursday 30 June to be considered for the autumn cohort starting in September 2016. The programme is offered to small businesses and social enterprise leaders who would like to grow their businesses, provide local employment and create scalable business models. The programme is not intended for start-up businesses, sole traders or businesses that are not seeking to grow.

Further information about the programme and who is eligible to apply can be found on the 10KSBUK website.