Going Highspeed in West Bromwich

Based in West Bromwich, Highspeed Fabrications designs, manufactures and installs a wide range of products and components including structural steelwork. Its clients span many sectors, including built environment, defence, renewables, food processing, energy, marine, logistics and rail transport.

You will almost certainly recognise the end result of one of Highspeed’s most high-profile contracts. This was to fabricate 5,000 ‘dished ends’: the famous shiny discs now found on the iconic Selfridges section of Birmingham’s Bullring.

Highspeed is privately owned by its directors and forms part of the Highspeed Group.

Recognising that the most effective ways to market products and services are now digital, representatives from Highspeed Fabrications asked Sandwell Council’s BIMwm team for support. They wished to convert their original 2D design of grade 316 stainless steel conical dishes into a functional and animated 3D BIM object.

The BIMwm team obliged and Highspeed’s component assembly was soon embedded with hyperlinks to allow users to view digital product data including material and method of manufacture, dimensional tolerances, component warranties, maintenance and life-cycle data, and so on.


Raj Kalsi, managing director of Highspeed Fabrications said: “The use of digital media is set to become the future of marketing in our industry. Converting core components into BIM objects is vital, as it allows prospective clients to click on each object to view product detail with a mind to pasting it into their own project designs.

“We worked with Sandwell Council’s BIMwm team and we’re delighted with the results. They fully understood the technical aspects and re-engineered our component in a digital BIM format.

“The bottom line is that the digital age is here, and businesses that fail to adapt to the new marketing climate are at great risk of falling behind their competitors”.
If you’re interested in engaging the skills of the BMwm have a look at the BIMwm page for more information.