West Midlands group pre-tax profit doubled

ruberyowen-logoWest Midlands group Rubery Owen Holdings Ltd increased its turnover by more than £10m in 2015. Accounts showed that it grew from £56.3m in 2014 to £67.9m in 2015. Its pre-tax profit also increased from £1.5m in the previous year to £2.3m in 2015.

Rubery Owen Holdings Ltd is a family business that was established over 130 years ago in Darlaston. The company was once a component manufacturer but now operates six companies in a diverse range of markets, from car retailing to the manufacture of cleaning chemicals and lower carbon power management businesses.

The group owns Land Rover dealership Shukers Ltd in Shrewsbury, Rotech Laboratories in Wednesbury, Burrows Grass Machinery in Stafford, cleaning chemicals manufacturer Techtron in North Wales and cleaning products developer Rozone.

Rubery Owen has been at the forefront of automotive component technology since the birth of the motor car and has been synonymous with quality and enterprise over the years. Many British-made cars will have had a Rubery Owen product in it, whether a wheel, an axle or a simple bolt.

Due to market demands Rubery Owen Group re-invented itself at the beginning of the 21st Century and is now committed to servicing the automotive and engineering industries through its subsidiary companies rather than producing component parts.

In a statement filed with its accounts Rubery Owen Holdings directors acknowledged the performance of car dealership Shukers and attributed its success to the Land Rover brand. Rotech Laboratories and Rozone also performed well and contributed to the increase in turnover and profit.