Brighter futures #madeinsandwell: Liberty Engineering Group brings GREENSTEEL to the Midlands

Our #madeinsandwell Monday star this week is Liberty Engineering Group (LEG), part of Liberty House Group – the business driving the GREENSTEEL agenda in the UK. The international metals and industrial group specialises in global commodities trading as well as the manufacture of steel, aluminium and advanced engineering products.
Liberty Engineering1
Liberty Engineering Group combines the expertise of 20 specialist engineering companies. Grouped into seven main divisions these companies, employing a total of nearly 2,000 people, focus on the manufacture and distribution of highly engineered products and support services. These range from automotive pressings, precision steel strip, carbon composites, motor racing grade performance brakes and control systems, to super lightweight assemblies for aircraft engines, drive-by wire solutions, anti-vibration mounts for defence applications and materials testing services.

From their premises across Sandwell and beyond, the LEG companies serve customers in the UK and more than 50 countries worldwide. The borough is the perfect location for the group due its central location and its excellent communication and transportation links. Access to a skilled workforce and well-established ties with the local supply chain are added benefits.

GREENSTEEL is Liberty’s trailblazing strategy aimed at making steel production competitive and sustainable in Britain once again. It involves melting the country’s fast-rising mountain of scrap in electric arc furnaces powered by renewable energy. By recycling this low-cost, readily available raw material close to engineering and manufacturing plants, the process also reduces transport costs, further reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Through GREENSTEEL Liberty aims to provide the foundation for a new generation of high added-value and innovative products that will create many thousands of UK-based engineering jobs and put steel back at the heart of UK manufacturing.

Liberty plans a similar low-carbon approach to aluminium, which it manufactures in Scotland and uses in high-tech products made by the group’s West Midlands engineering plants.

Liberty Engineering Group, which has revived a number of metals and engineering businesses over the past two years – saving thousands of Midlands jobs in the process – is working to bring the advantages of GREENSTEEL to Sandwell for the benefit of customers, employees and the wider community.

Group Corporate Services Director John Wood said: “We are a rapidly expanding business with a clear vision for UK industry. As a part of Liberty House Group we are investing and innovating across the board driven by our parent company’s GREENSTEEL vision in order to revive British based manufacturing.”

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