Truck sales rocket for West Bromwich firm

Guest-Old-Vehicle-1-logo1Ian Guest Holdings, the historic company behind truck and van dealership brands Guest and Sherwood, has reported a boost in revenue and pre-tax profit. Having grown from a small family company it is now the UK’s largest Iveco dealer group and Fiat van dealer.

The West Bromwich-headquartered firm was founded in 1902 by Frank Guest and despite having undergone many changes it remains a family-run business today. Now under the command of Frank’s great-grandson Ian Guest the company concentrates on its truck division, having sold off its car division in 2016 due to poor performance.

In 1902 the company began as a bicycle repair business before progressing quickly into manufacturing and selling motorcycles. In 1915 it took on a Ford Motor Company franchise for motor cars and tractors.

In 1957 the firm expanded into commercial vehicles and the name of the company was changed from Frank Guest Limited to Guest Motors Limited.

Following many more changes in the business, including the merger of Iveco and Ford to form Iveco Ford Truck, the company became the responsibility of Ian Guest, the fourth generation of the family who continues at the helm today.

In 1992 under Ian’s leadership the opportunity to expand into the truck business came with the company opening a purpose built truck facility in West Bromwich.

The Guest commercial vehicle operation now includes the Guest Truck and Van and Sherwood Truck and Van brands, which incorporate dedicated commercial vehicle centres throughout the Midlands, South Yorkshire and East Anglia, representing Iveco and Fiat Professional.

Newly filed accounts reveal that the group turned over £111.7m in 2016 (including almost £7m from discontinued operations). In 2015 revenues were £101.8m, showing an increase of £9.9m.

Pre-tax profit for the year was £2m compared to £1.1m in the previous period. A statement accompanying the results acknowledged the “healthy performance” of the group’s truck division and commented that the sale of new vehicles was “particularly strong”.

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