Keep on motoring: classic car parts #madeinsandwell

Our #madeinsandwell Monday star this week is David Manners Group, which manufactures and supplies parts for classic and modern cars. This year the Sandwell firm is celebrating its 40th anniversary.

David Manners GroupDavid Manners Group specialises in parts for classic Mini, Jaguar and Daimler, MG and Triumph, Morris Minor and MX5 cars. Based in Oldbury since 1997, the firm is perfectly situated to supply the whole of the UK.

A longstanding family operation, the business began as a dry-cleaners but founder David Manners quickly realised he was in the wrong business when he discovered a demand for exhausts by Daimler enthusiasts.

As a Daimler SP250 owner himself David needed a new exhaust but couldn’t source one so he ended up getting one made by a client. He then got a further hundred made and sold them all within a month! It was at this point he realised the demand that needed to be met, and so he switched business interests.

First established to sell Daimler and Jaguar parts, David Manners Ltd also began supplying parts for MG, Triumph and Mazda MX5 in the late 1980s. In 1998 David Manners Ltd commenced a highly successful collaboration with Mini Spares Centre Ltd of London to form Mini Spares Centre (Midlands) Ltd, which has seen growth year on year.

In September 2011 David Manners handed the control of the business to his daughter Kate, whose objective was to develop the four component companies into one cohesive entity, the David Manners Group, whilst ensuring her father’s traditional core values were maintained and enhanced.

Both David and Kate value the loyalty and knowledge of their staff, some of whom have been with the business for many years. The company currently employs around 50 staff and both father and daughter believe that their team’s knowledge and ability to advise customers accurately on the correct parts needed has contributed to the success of the company over the last 40 years.

Being situated in Sandwell benefits the company as well, not only due to excellent transport links but also to the proximity of some famous neighbours. To-Ta Classics, home of Channel 4’s TV show Car SOS, is located just five minutes away. David Manners Ltd works very closely with the garage to provide parts for the show.

As the company celebrates its 40th anniversary year the team is looking for more space to expand. As it increases the number of parts it supplies it needs more and more space to house stock. Rather than moving premises the company is looking to extend its current home in Oldbury, staying at the heart of Sandwell. We wish David Manners Group all the very best!

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