Boosting online sales for small businesses

enterprise-nation-logoEnterprise Nation, the UK’s most active small business community, has launched ‘Go and Grow’, a campaign to help Britain’s smallest firms develop their online sales.

The UK’s e-commerce economy is worth a record £130bn and continuing to expand, with online sales increasing by 21 per cent in just one month in December 2016. However, of the nearly 5 million small firms in the UK, half don’t even have a website. While internet business makes up over 50 per cent of sales for larger companies, micro-companies with fewer than nine employees make as little as 9.7 per cent of their sales online.

This is the fourth year of the ‘Go and Grow’ campaign, which aims to help the UK’s smallest companies unlock the potential of the internet through nationwide advice and training events, as well as a dedicated website full of articles, webinars and masterclasses.

On Thursday 2 November there will be an all-day, live event on the ‘Go and Grow’ Facebook page followed by a series of workshops across the country.

For regular updates, follow @e_nation on Twitter and the #GoandGrow hashtag on social media, or visit the Go and Grow website.

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