Helping the West Midlands plan for emergencies

15085559_213416102429649_7591409040088933541_nIf you’ve ever wondered about how you or your business would cope in an emergency, then the West Midlands Community Risk Register (CRR) has the answer.

The free CRR booklet, produced by the West Midlands Conurbation Local Resilience Forum (LRF), is an overview of potential emergency situations and what we can do to be better prepared for them. The aim of the CRR is to use professional judgement, historical and scientific data to present a balanced understanding of the risks we face in the West Midlands.

The CRR covers incidents such as industrial accidents, flooding, power failure, fuel shortages, terrorist threats and infectious diseases. It gives a realistic assessment of the likelihood of each incident happening, and the possible impact on health, society, the economy and the environment. It also gives practical advice about what you can do to ensure your home, community or business is as resilient as possible, and where to get further information.

The LRF is a partnership of dozens of organisations across the region, including local councils, emergency services and health trusts. The downloadable booklet outlines what measures have already been put in place to minimise the risks of certain incidents happening and reduce the potential negative impact if they do occur.

The booklet can be downloaded from the LRF’s website or for news and updates, go to the Prepared Panda Facebook page, follow @WMidsPrepared on Twitter or @PreparedPanda on Instagram.