Manufacturer Essentia Proteins chooses to grow in Sandwell

Essentia Proteins logoThe Think Sandwell team is delighted to hear that a specialist food protein manufacturer – Essentia Proteins – has expanded its presence in Sandwell, choosing to grow its business operations in Tipton.

A global company with operations in the US, South America and Europe, Essentia Proteins manufactures meat proteins to enhance food products and boost the effectiveness of sports nutrition products.

With units on Ramsay Road in Tipton that are ready for future growth, Essentia has also acquired two new units on Speed Road. The expansion isn’t expected to create new jobs immediately, but as factory manager Paul Setchells told the Express & Star, the move will preserve the existing workforce there – currently around 54 strong – and achieve more with “existing resources”.

“This makes us a more cost-effective operator and, therefore, more attractive to our customer base,” he explained.

Essentia has addresses in Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Singapore and the USA – to name but a few – and its Sandwell location is clearly a smart business decision too. Paul Setchells told the Express & Star: “Whilst some businesses in need of more space may consider a move to another location, remaining here in Tipton was never in doubt for us. Simply, our skilled workforce and the supply chain on which we rely, make here the right place for us to continue growing the business”.

Congratulations to Essentia Proteins – we look forward to seeing this international business flourish further in our borough. If you have a Sandwell success story you’d like to share, contact us today. Also, check out our ideas for business growth or access our property expertise and find the perfect premises.