Sandwell Business Ambassadors: promoting our borough’s business interests

Sandwell Business AmbassadorsYou may already be aware of the Sandwell Business Ambassadors – a group of business leaders formed in 2016 to represent business interests in our region. We have been promoting them on Think Sandwell through our own Sandwell Business Ambassadors page.

Members of the consortium include representatives from Liberty Engineering Group, Sandwell Council, voestalpine Metsec plc, Sandwell College and Briggs Amasco.

Each member is a successful businessperson in their own right. As a Sandwell Business Ambassador they are here to:

  • Be the voice of Sandwell businesses, ensuring they are heard by Sandwell Council and that information is fed back in a relevant and timely manner
  • Represent Sandwell businesses in the wider community
  • Improve the lives of Sandwell residents through engagement with schools, promoting opportunities and instigating initiatives to bridge skills gaps.

Chairman, Richard Allen of voestalpine Metsec plc, said: “Sandwell is a significant economic contributor to the Midlands, and the UK as a whole, and we felt that it was important to act as both representatives for the region when it comes to economic growth, employment and social affairs, and be advocates to support the borough in its ambitions to develop its business base.

“All of the Sandwell Business Ambassadors are passionate about communicating what Sandwell can offer and, as successful business leaders, we feel that we can cultivate a thriving business base by using our existing skills and regional knowledge.”

The Sandwell Business Ambassadors consortium now has its own website at where you can find out more and keep up to date with the ambassadors’ activities and news.

You can also follow the Twitter account at @Sandwell_BA, the Sandwell Business Ambassadors Facebook page and the Sandwell Business Ambassadors’ LinkedIn profile.