Big changes mean success #madeinsandwell for Ian Smith Group

Congratulations to our #madeinsandwell Monday star business for this week. Ian Smith Group has recently evolved from office supplier into full business services provider, growing by over 8.5 per cent.

Ian Smith Group bannerThe West Bromwich-based family run business, established in 1969, has significantly expanded its portfolio of products and services, as well as refreshing its branding. It now has a dedicated design and print department, with in-house graphic designers and CAD experts to support customers with their branding and printing needs.

Ian Smith Group prides itself on ensuring people are treated as valued customers rather than account numbers. It has recently invested in the Midlands’ largest office furniture showroom.

“Feedback is that customers love to be involved with the design process and touch and see the furniture prior to making an informed purchase,” said director Adam Smith.

In Sandwell Council’s Top 50 Fastest Growing Companies Index 2018, which was released this month at the Sandwell Business Awards, Ian Smith Group sits proudly at number 32 with a healthy 8.5 per cent growth in turnover.

Ian Smith Group has premises in Staffordshire and Norfolk and is undoubtedly a national supplier. But its West Bromwich headquarters generate the majority share of its turnover, and a large percentage of its next-day deliveries are made within Sandwell.

“We are proud that 2018 has seen us deliver more products and services, and therefore cost savings, to our Sandwell neighbouring businesses than ever before,” said Adam.

Naturally Ian Smith Group always welcomes new business, but account retention is vital too. Among its huge number of customers, no single one accounts for even 2 per cent of turnover – a low-risk business model that is clearly successful.

The company’s plans for the future include growth through acquisition and further development of its brands.

The Top 50 index – compiled by Think Sandwell – celebrates the achievements of Sandwell’s rising stars, listing the 50 top-ranked companies in our borough in terms of rate of growth in turnover. Find out which other local businesses feature by reading the report here.

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