“It’s a great honour for us”: A&M celebrates having two ‘Top 100’ engineers

Smethwick-based precision engineering firm A&M EDM is celebrating the selection of two longstanding employees for a national Top 100 award. Arthur Watts and Paul Fox were presented with their awards at a prestigious manufacturing event in Liverpool’s Exhibition Centre.

A&M EDM Top 100 2018The Manufacturer‘s Top 100 celebrates the most dynamic leaders and innovators in manufacturing: people who stand out for their contribution to changing the face of industry.

Arthur Watts, EDM manager [pictured right], is a wire erosion specialist with the ability to wire almost any metal component.  Arthur was the ‘A’ when he started A&M with Mark Wingfield in 2002; EDM stands for electrical discharge machining. The company now has 67 employees.

Arthur’s expertise has been honed by working on thousands of jobs: manufacturing precision aerospace and automotive components, mould tools, press tool extensions and jigs and fixtures. Arthur programmes 19 wire eroders to perform multiple jobs using cutting-edge EDM technology to its fullest capabilities, with the aim of driving A&M’s growth.

Paul Fox, production and design engineer [pictured left], joined A&M EDM in 2004 as the fifth employee. Paul’s expertise enabled A&M to diversify into CNC (computer numerical control) precision machining. Paul manages multiple complex projects, manufacturing bespoke components and finding a unique solution each time. Paul also acts as a mentor, passing on his engineering knowledge to apprentices.

Mark Wingfield, A&M EDM’s managing director, said: “Both Arthur and Paul are exceptionally talented with tremendous skills as precision engineers and the ability to pass on their experience to apprentices.  It’s a great honour for us as to have two members of staff celebrated in The Manufacturer‘s Top 100 role models.”

The company had a visit from Business Secretary Greg Clark MP in October 2018.

Congratulations to A&M EDM for having stars among its ranks! Does your Sandwell business have a good news story to share? We’d love to hear from you: tell us here.

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