Homes developer Lovell is starting work on Sandwell Council’s £40m project to upgrade housing

Lovell imageSandwell Council is working on upgrading Sandwell’s housing stock in a £40m project starting this month. Homes developer Lovell is leading the way in this four-year programme that will see roofs, windows and doors replaced, as well as the renewal of render and exterior paintwork.

The project will also include environmental improvements such as new fencing and landscaping, and insulation will be reviewed and improved where necessary to make homes warmer and keep fuel costs down for residents.

Lovell will be working on refurbishing homes in Tipton, Wednesbury and West Bromwich, while homes developer Vinci has been appointed to the southern area of the borough, including Rowley, Oldbury and Smethwick.

This phase of investment in Sandwell’s council homes is part of a £485m ten-year housing investment programme for the borough, which will include new homes being built as well as the improvement of existing housing stock.

The replacement of all wooden front and rear doors with composite doors will help to ensure better insulation as well as improved security and developers Lovell hope to create training opportunities and community initiatives for the area through the housing improvement programme.

The improvements being made to housing stock are just part of the bigger picture that the borough is working towards over the next ten years. Sandwell Council’s ‘Vision 2030’ is a set of ten ambitions based on ten key themes, including building new homes to meet a range of housing needs and creating environments in which people will choose to live and bring up their families.

You can read more about the ten ambitions on the ‘Vision 2030’ website.

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