Brexit: what does it mean for Black Country businesses?

What does Brexit mean for businesses in the Black Country? The answer is: no-one really knows the full answer.
Brexit in the Black CountryWhatever happens regarding Britain’s planned exit from the European Union, we’ve rounded up some useful resources to help you plan as much as you can.

The government’s official EU Exit website has a section for businesses, including a tool where you answer seven questions about your organisation and are given information about:
* What your business or organisation may need to do to prepare for the UK leaving the EU
* What’s changing in your industry
* Specific rules and regulations that may apply to your business post-Brexit.

If you wish, you can sign up to an alert system which notifies you when the government changes or adds anything about Brexit on its official GOV.UK site.

The new-look Black Country Growth Hub website has a list of resources to consult too, including a jargon buster, checklists, and a list of actions to consider taking now.

We’ve also got this Defra presentation on ‘Preparing businesses for EU exit’, aimed at SMEs, for you to download: Defra SME presentation.

We hope this helps.