Oldbury: a plan that could bring dozens of jobs to Sandwell

OpusLandLogoDeveloper Opus Land and partner Palmer Capital have agreed to acquire land in Oldbury to build a 120,000 sq ft industrial unit.

Sandwell Council has demonstrated enthusiasm for the scheme and have indicated that they are open minded to review planning permission, on submission of satisfactory plans.

Located at Seven Stars Road in Oldbury, the six-acre site has been abandoned for years. Opus Land plans to clear the remaining structures and build a large warehouse and production facility, with the aim of attracting a leading firm to the area.

If planning permission is granted, the completed project will be delivered in early 2020 and could bring dozens of jobs to the region. That the developer is committing to such a large-scale speculative project indicates great confidence in the local economy and the potential of the location.

Think Sandwell wishes Opus and its partners the best of luck with the planning application and subsequent development. To find out how we can support your business schemes, visit our property and planning pages.