Things are hotting up at #madeinsandwell Monday with Tansun infrared heaters

TansunThis week’s #madeinsandwell Monday star has us all feeling particularly radiant. Tansun has been heating people and places for over 35 years from its base on Ridgacre Road in West Bromwich.

The company’s pioneering infrared heaters are designed and manufactured in the heart of Sandwell, from where the business has built a reputation as a world leader, delivering cutting-edge indoor and outdoor heating products to the hospitality, leisure, retail and industrial sectors.

From humble beginnings, Tansun now exports to over 50 countries, including those as widespread as the USA, Norway, Fance and Australia. The company has worked with many high-profile names such as Coca Cola, Heathrow Airport, the Davis Cup, Tower Bridge and Tate & Lyle.

Tansun attributes its success to consistent investment in research and development. The company was the first to develop full shortwave heating technology, providing instant high frequency infrared heat. Tansun’s heaters are highly efficient, with 96 per cent of the energy consumed being transformed into direct heat radiation, enabling customers to keep energy costs to a minimum.

“The customer is at the heart of what we do,” says Managing Director and founder, Pete Rana MBE. “We know that the heating required in any given location depends on a huge variety of factors – building type, activity, air movement, desired temperature, and so on. We take all of that into account and design the best heating layout for what the customer wants to achieve. This is what’s helped us to build a successful international business from right here in West Bromwich.”

Local roots are very important to Tansun. One of its proudest achievements has been helping St Michael’s Church in Wolverhampton save over 75 per cent of its energy costs by replacing its outdated heating system. Other Midlands customers include Bank, Piccolino and the Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill in Birmingham, as well as the Metal Centre in Wednesbury. Tansun also prides itself on hiring and training apprentices from the local area, investing in the future of Sandwell’s industrial base.

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