This week’s #madeinsandwell Monday star is trailblazing the way in the fire safety sector

double-red-modulex-modular-extinguisher-stand-600This week our #madeinsandwell spotlight is focused on Oldbury firm FMC Fire and Safety. FMC manufactures multiple fire prevention products and provides fire safety services to clients worldwide.

From humble beginnings in 1990, when the company started producing fire safety systems in a garden shed, FMC has gone from strength to strength and is now a leading manufacturer of fire protection products.

The firm exports its products from its current home in Tividale as far afield as Europe, Dubai and Australia. As it approaches its 30th anniversary next year, FMC is launching an industry-first fire point solution that is set to transform the way firefighting equipment is installed and maintained.

With a proven track record in product design, engineering and innovation FMC has built on the basics of firefighting to pioneer a modular stand solution (patent pending), designed to make equipment maintenance quicker, easier and more effective.

Modulex is the industry’s first modular flat pack fire extinguisher stand, offering engineers a simple fire point solution to meet all eventualities and applications. Its modular design provides a bespoke stand solution for virtually every situation, as the product’s easy-fix clip allows engineers to build single, double, triple and even quad units that can be swiftly assembled.

IMG_7436 The product’s shatterproof polypropylene construction, secure moulded base system, compact flat pack design and 100 per cent recyclability lends itself to any application or business location, including industrial premises and heavy-duty construction site environments.

FMC national sales manager Stuart Lambeth said: “After nearly a year of development, we’re proud to introduce our new Modulex extinguisher stand. There are some truly amazing technologies being produced to fight fires in the 21st century but we looked at ways that we could improve operational efficiency. We worked alongside industry experts to research new materials, reverse engineer and look at new methods of manufacture to produce a prototype, this led to many further design reviews, product improvements and process amendments to add value.”

He added: “We use customer satisfaction to inform, measure and improve product performance. We recognised that traditional fire extinguisher stands needed to improve, so we listened to our customers who install and maintain fire extinguishers in the field to ensure Modulex’s design and service performance meets with the market’s needs.”

The flat pack design of Modulex and its flexible modular configuration reduces the need for engineers to carry out return trips to site, saving travel time, fuel consumption and valuable vehicle capacity.

FMC has ambitious market development plans for Modulex, a product the firm believes offers huge growth potential. The launch of the new product has already created three new full-time engineer positions within the company.

FMC is now focused on growing its fire safety business by expanding to new markets and it is always looking for new opportunities to deliver its innovative Sandwell-made products to the rest of the world.

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