Phil Lynott’s West Bromwich birthplace honoured with plaque

Phil Lynott plaqueThe hospital where Thin Lizzy star Phil Lynott was born now boasts a memorial plaque, put up to mark the 70th anniversary of his birth.

Although the musician grew up in Ireland, he was born on 20 August 1949 at what was then Hallam Hospital in West Bromwich, since renamed Sandwell Hospital. While establishing a successful career as a musician, songwriter, producer and poet, Lynott also battled drug addiction and died from pneumonia-related sepsis in 1986, aged just 36.

Lynott was always very close to his mother Philomena, who was looking forward to returning to West Bromwich to attend the unveiling of the plaque. Sadly she died in June, just ten weeks before the event, after a long battle with cancer.

The plaque was funded by fans, who raised £8,500 in a campaign led by author Sean Meaney and H, lead singer of tribute band Dizzy Lizzy. H had the honour of pulling back the ceremonial curtain in the unveiling ceremony on Friday 23 August.

The plaque is an ongoing reminder that one of rock’s most iconic legends was #madeinsandwell. To find out about all the other great things to have come out of our borough, or if you’re interested having information about your organisation shared on Think Sandwell and through our networks, visit our #MadeInSandwell Monday pages.