Functional fitness classes helping to keep Sandwell kids active and boost mental health

Fit Kids Oldbury has launched a new initiative to help young kids get fit. The Sandwell company is aiming to boost fitness, tackle obesity and improve the mental health of young people in the borough through its unique and interactive functional fitness sessions.

Through their wealth of experience in the health and fitness industry, co-founders Jacob Sprayson and Dan Blackhall, realised that children under the age of 16 are unable to benefit from the equipment at their local gym as they are too young to register.

They came up with the idea to create fitness classes for kids that involve using a variety of equipment seen in a gym, such as kettlebells, barbells, tyres, battle ropes and more. Each class ends with a fun and engaging game and a ‘Fit Kid of the Day’ is chosen at the end of each session.

The ‘Fit Kid of the Day’ is awarded to the individual who shows the most motivation and commitment within all aspects of the session.

Keeping kids fit in this age of technology and fast food can be a challenge but Fit Kids Oldbury believe they can help kids change for the better. The fitness duo feel that the mental health benefits of exercise are also often overlooked and they hope to change this with their interactive sessions.

The classes are aimed at children aged 7 to 15 years, and the hope is that children who have no interest in the sports available in schools might find something they like within these sessions to help keep them fit and active.

The classes will involve:

  • fun, enjoyable group training
  • stretch, mobility and posture improvement and awareness
  • the use of real functional equipment
  • interactive team games
  • stress relief and awareness
  • working alongside parents to provide continued advice on becoming a healthier child.

The classes run every Thursday from 6-7pm and every Saturday 9am-10am at Langley Park Lodge, Langley High Street, Oldbury.

To find out more about Fit Kids Oldbury and its functional fitness classes for kids visit its Facebook page: