Sandwell businesses: Sandwell Council is ready for your thoughts

It takes just five minutes to complete Sandwell Council’s survey and help shape the future for people and business in the borough. The council wants to hear what people who live and work in Sandwell need, and where best to invest limited resources in order to help everyone prosper.

The scheme is called the ‘Inclusive Economy Deal’ and is the first project of its kind in the UK. Businesses are also being asked to make a pledge to help the borough become more sustainable and prosperous. This could be something as small as buying stationery from a local supplier or a more substantial commitment, such as taking on apprentices from the local area.

The aim is to build a local economy where wealth is more evenly spread and nobody is left behind. The council wants to ensure its plans benefit everyone and are firmly rooted in the community, so are urging as many people as possible to get involved.

The survey asks questions such as “What would make Sandwell a better place to do business?”, with possible answers including areas such as:

  • Better infrastructure
  • Improved transport routes and reliability
  • More investment in workforce skills
  • Improved high streets and town centres
  • Easier access to finance for business development / expansion
  • Higher quality premises
  • More incentives to recruit local people
  • More / better business parks
  • Lower business rates
  • More investment in schools
  • Improved apprenticeship / work experience opportunities
  • Help to get people back into work
  • Stronger links with schools and colleges
  • Better careers information, advice and guidance
  • A healthier population
  • Higher broadband speeds

Jenna Langford, Regeneration Manager at Sandwell Council, said: “We urge more company owners and managers to take the survey and let us know what you need to help your business thrive. Spending just five minutes giving your thoughts now could help bring about changes that make Sandwell an even better place to live and work in the future.”

Think Sandwell encourages everyone in business in Sandwell to take the survey, and share the link with friends, family and colleagues. Don’t delay – it’s only open until Friday 22 November. Just five minutes of your time will help your council set its priorities for the future and help our borough lead the way in creating a thriving, inclusive economy.