Announcing #madeinsandwell March!

If you’re doing business in Sandwell, we want to hear about it – so we can tell the world.

Every working day throughout March, we’ll be bragging about something that is #madeinsandwell, spreading the word about the fantastic people, products and organisations in our borough.

So now’s the time to let us know about you and your business. No matter how big or small your company, product or customer base, we want to hear about it. Do you make the washer that goes into the widget that controls the machine that makes that thing nobody could live without? Tell us!

We’re also keen to celebrate all the organisations and services that don’t make a physical product, but whose success is #madeinsandwell. From the fabulously famous to the niche and unknown, and everything in between – let us shine a light on the work you do and the benefits it brings to the region, the UK or even the world.

Go to our contact form to get in touch and share your stories. Then, from Monday 2nd March, use the #madeinsandwell hashtag to shout about what you do, and find out what other weird and wonderful things are #madeinsandwell.