Young carers in Sandwell need your understanding

The charity Sandwell Young Carers is raising awareness of young people with caring responsibilities who may be out and about supporting a dependant relative during the coronavirus outbreak.

Sandwell Young Carers is a charity providing guidance and support to children and young people whose health, education and social lives have been affected as a result of caring for a dependent family member.

The charity wants the public and police to be understanding of the fact that, during this coronavirus outbreak, young people may still be out doing shopping, collecting prescriptions, or resting with an ill parent.

Maria Wiseman, Young Carers Promotion Officer in Sandwell, said the charity is concerned young carers will be questioned about their everyday activities under lockdown, in which they have little choice.

“We need to ensure that our young carers are not forgotten during all this, so any support in the way of making sure their voice is heard is just wonderful,” she said. “Our fear is that they will be turned away from places by police or pharmacies, and so on, and told to go home. These concerns have already been raised regarding supermarkets with a rule of no under-sixteens”.

“We just want to make sure that everyone is aware of young carers,” she explained.

Under government guidelines, young carers are classed as vulnerable children and should be able to access school. Sandwell Young Carers is working hard to ensure they can, if the children and families need it.

Please do share this message with your colleagues, friends and family. For more information about Sandwell Young Carers visit and to donate to the charity’s fund providing short breaks and positive activities see its Localgiving page.

Sandwell Young Carers during covid-19 outbreak flyer