Sandwell Business Ambassadors wanted

Sandwell Business AmbassadorsA Sandwell Business Ambassadors poster with the text "Ambassadors wanted". are looking for local business leaders to join their collective to help shape the economic recovery and growth of Sandwell.

Sandwell Business Ambassadors was launched in March 2016 with the aim of utilising the strength of local high-profile businesses, enabling their leaders to act as advocates for the borough and develop its business base.

Now the Ambassadors wish to bolster their team and impact by recruiting a few more business leaders from the area. The voluntary team spans several sectors but the existing Ambassadors are keen to better represent the culturally diverse population of Sandwell.

Alan Taylor, chair of Sandwell Business Ambassadors and managing director of manufacturing company MiGlass Ltd said: “Being a Sandwell Business Ambassador is an excellent voluntary opportunity for someone with a credible business background who is interested in combining their knowledge and experience with others for the good of Sandwell and the wider West Midlands.

“Before the coronavirus pandemic, the Ambassadors were already working hard with Sandwell Council and main contractors to ensure that high-profile regeneration developments in Sandwell, such as the Midland Metropolitan University Hospital and the Sandwell Aquatics Centre, benefited the local economy as much as possible.

“Since the health crisis, the concept of community wealth building has become more important than ever. We have a chance to ensure economic growth in the region raises everyone up – not only businesses, but communities and individuals too.”

Alan explained that current Sandwell Business Ambassadors sit on and even chair influential boards, including local boards for Sandwell’s Towns Funds applications and Sandwell Council’s Community Wealth and Economic Resilience Board.

“As a Sandwell Business Ambassador, you could make a big difference,” he added.

The Ambassadors are keen to point out that, while their call for new members is open to all Sandwell businesspeople, they will especially welcome approaches from business leaders who are younger and/or female and/or black, Asian or from other minority ethnic backgrounds and/or those who have encountered barriers within the business world, such as disabilities.

Alan explained: “We hold our hands up in saying we’re not as diverse a group of people as we’d like to be. We wish to expand our perspectives and knowledge by adding a bigger range of voices and perspectives to our team – and, at the same time, do better at representing the dynamic, innovative and culturally diverse population of Sandwell.”

If you think you could benefit the borough and become an Ambassador you can contact the Sandwell Business Ambassadors for an interview or further comment via

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