Sandwell engineering firm to get £1m revenue boost with new partnership

Sandwell engineering solutions provider Deritend Group has been announced as a preferred supplier to IESA in a deal that could be worth up to £1m per year.

IESA is an international industrial BPO (business process outsourcing) organisation. It provides a full range of outsourced procurement services via a cloud-enabled technology platform developed specifically to meet the challenges of complex manufacturing, assembly and processing operations.

IESA works in partnership with an extensive portfolio of corporate clients, providing cost effective solutions to meet each client’s needs within the manufacturing, assembly and process industries.

Deritend Group has completed the quality assurance exercise required to be listed in the motor and gearbox category. This means the firm will now be part of IESA’s central list of suppliers for companies such as Astra Zeneca, Bentley, 2 Sisters Food Group, Michelin and Molson Cools, for their maintenance, repair and operational (MRO) requirements.

As we reported at the beginning of November, Deritend recently completed a major relocation project to a larger premises in West Bromwich, having invested £500,000 in a new regional centre of excellence.

The latest boost for its revenue is the result of a year-long discussion with IESA, a number of assessments and the creation of a specialist team to respond to enquiries within 24 hours. The firm is now able to provide immediate technical support and access to industry-leading equipment and solutions.

Deritend is hoping that the partnership will lead to new opportunities across multiple sectors and it estimates that it could be worth £1m in the first year.

The company’s experience in motors, gearboxes and pumps along with its team of engineers mean it is ready to meet emergency repair requirements and provide advice for customers on getting the most out of these pieces of equipment.

Congratulations Deritend!

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