Tingle your tastebuds with masala #MadeInSandwell

Bowls of different curries and rice and other Indian dishes on a tableThis week #MadeinSandwell Monday is celebrating the ingenuity and adaptability of three of our borough’s entrepreneurs. Brothers Gurdial and Ram Suglani, alongside Ram’s son Dinesh, operate the award-winning venue Prestige Suite on Downing Street in Smethwick. When the pandemic decimated the event market, the enterprising family began a new venture, Pinch of Masala, which has gone from strength to strength.

Under Dinesh, Gurdial and Ram’s guidance, the chefs and kitchens that had previously produced wedding banquets were transformed into a takeaway service, providing delicious Indian street food to addresses within 15 miles of Smethwick. It’s been a huge success, and the Suglani family are particularly proud of the fact that their business growth has been driven by the quality of the food and built on praise from happy customers, without a significant spend on advertising.

Dinesh also praises the staff for the success of the venture. He said: “Our small, close-knit team is skilled and incredibly passionate. We have a great blend of young creative individuals pushing new ideas and older, more experienced heads directing the business growth.”

Pinch of Masala is also now offering ‘home kits’ – packages containing all the ingredients customers need to prepare the dishes in their own kitchens. This will make it possible to deliver nationally, although the business is very much firmly rooted in the Black Country. “Sandwell is a very multicultural area with a diverse population,” says Dinesh. “It provides the perfect backdrop to promote Indian cuisine.”

The family has ideas for expanding the business even further in the future. Although plans to start a weekday cookery school (and potentially help local people kick off a career in catering) will have to wait until safety restrictions are lifted, Ram, Gurdial and Dinesh are also looking into providing ready meals to local shops – similar to a weekly supper club.

Pinch of Masala is a great example of how resourcefulness and inventiveness can transform a potential disaster into a success story. Congratulations to Ram, Gurdial and Dinesh – we look forward to hearing more about Pinch of Masala over the coming months.

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