Let’s ride it out together

Cycling platform Love to Ride logo.Lockdown life has taken a toll on many people’s physical and mental health. But with lighter and warmer days approaching, there’s never been a better time to support your staff and colleagues by encouraging them to get into the saddle and sign up to free cycling platform Love to Ride.

Love to Ride is designed to help people get on their bikes, set cycling goals, connect with other cyclists from all over the world and win prizes, such as T-shirts, bike shop vouchers, holiday vouchers and even a brand new e-bike. The WMCA is working with Transport for West Midlands to encourage as many people as possible to sign up and start logging their cycling miles.

There are numerous proven benefits to business of helping staff get on their bikes – lower parking costs, reduced stress, increased productivity and increased staff retention, on top of the general benefits of improved physical health and cleaner air. Thousands of businesses worldwide have used Love to Ride’s tailored program that supports companies to develop wellness, sustainability, transportation and team building.

Love to Ride also organises four quarterly events for staff and organisations to take part in. The next event, Ride It Out, runs throughout the month of March and includes over £6,000 worth of prizes. There is also national competition ‘Cycle September’ which pits workplaces across the country against each other in a bike riding challenge. Help your staff to saddle up now, and lay the foundations for victory in six months’ time!

You can register yourself and your organisation in one minute on the website. There are also downloadable resources to help spread the word amongst friends, family and co-workers. From physical and mental wellbeing to fun and adventure, Ride it Out is a great way to get healthier and happier whilst boosting business and helping the planet too.