Bespoke furniture #MadeInSandwell: the future is bright for Grain and Frame

Sam Moseley and Rhys York of Grain and Frame sitting on a pile of woodThis #MadeInSandwell Monday our spotlight falls on local bespoke furniture maker Grain and Frame Ltd.

Founded in 2019 by two local boys Sam Moseley and Rhys York, Grain and Frame has quickly gone from strength to strength. Sam and Rhys came together as they shared the belief in the value of high quality raw materials and skilled craftmanship to create beautifully designed furniture.

With a background in furniture making and a passion for woodwork, Rhys had a dream of launching his own bespoke furniture shop. He was fascinated by the unique hardwoods at local sawmills and the vast amount of steel manufacturing capabilities in the region. His vision was to pair the two together to make something special.

When the two met, Sam was lead engineer at Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations and with a background in design for him attention to detail is key. Sam firmly believes that focusing on the finer details is vital to ensure a quality build that will stand the test of time.

Sam makes sure that every detail is looked at in the design stage to ensure Grain and Frame’s customers always receive a stylish, high-quality piece of furniture they can be proud of in their home. For Rhys the key is combining expert craftsmanship with quality materials to create an exceptional end result.

A firm friendship was established over this shared passion for design and manufacturing and Grain and Frame was born. In the beginning the company sold only dining tables but as it grew it extended its product offering to include dining chairs, console tables and garden tables, as well offering customers the opportunity to put in custom orders. Its motto is “if you can draw it, we can make it”.

Grain and Frame now has multiple workshops across the West Midlands but with its headquarters in Oldbury, Sam and Rhys are proud to call Sandwell home. As they are both from the borough it was important to them that their business is based here too.

They are both passionate about supporting other small businesses in Sandwell and to help play their part in supporting the local economy. The business is constantly striving to expand its team and to support job opportunities for local people.

When they founded the company back in February 2019 the two friends did everything, from sales through to making the tables. Since then, they have grown into a company that works with a pool of talented people from across Sandwell, including SEO specialists, a marketing team, designers, joiners, fabricators and machinists.

The company prides itself on the fact that all of its products are made in the UK and appreciates the benefit of the West Midlands being a major hub for manufacturing. As the majority of its dining tables include metal work, Grain and Frame works closely with fabricators and metal specialists across the region.

Sam said: “We put our heart and soul into making sure every piece of furniture we sell, to make sure it’s perfect for our customers. We won’t send anything out that we aren’t happy with or wouldn’t have in our own home. We truly believe this care and attention sets us apart from other companies, and allows us to make beautiful pieces of furniture that could never be replicated by mass production.

“We love that hundreds, if not thousands, of people are sitting around our products across the UK. A dining table can really bring people together – there’s nothing like sitting around the table, enjoying a meal or catching up with loved ones. That’s something we are so proud of.”

Even as the business continues to grow and expand its product range its ethos and values remain. It plans to continue giving the same care and attention to each piece of furniture made, as it believes that this is what allows it to make beautiful pieces of solid furniture that could never be replicated by mass production.

Grain and Frame uses only the highest quality raw materials for its products and every piece of furniture is lovingly handmade by a team of craftsmen using sustainable solid wood and to the highest quality.

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[Images are shared with kind permission of Grain and Frame and remain the copyright of the company.]