Sandwell engineering continues to innovate internationally

A&M EDM, precision engineers based on Mornington Road in Smethwick, have announced the successful commissioning of a proprietary commercial UAS propulsion system by a non-European client.

The customer required a propulsion system with an integrated starter generator system able to perform on-board cold starts on heavy fuels down to -30 degrees C, as well as providing 3KW of generated electrical power at 28V dc – something which was rare in the marketplace until now.

To deliver this, A&M EDM embarked on a technical and business collaboration with ePropelled, a US-based company with an ‘innovation centre’ in Cardiff. The first prototype units were delivered by ePropelled to A&M for testing in September 2020, with development continuing throughout the difficult conditions of the global coronavirus pandemic.

What makes the new system unique is its ability to deliver up to 3kW of electrical power whilst also providing thrust via its low weight, low vibration and kerosene operation. It provides a bridge between traditional UAS propulsion systems and recent aerospace developments in high electrification systems.

Mark Wingfield, managing director of A&M said: “We harnessed our engineering design and manufacturing capabilities to create a flexible propulsion system with unique functionality. It is robust, lightweight, compact, multi-fuel operational and dependable with almost turbine levels of vibration for a wide range of applications.”

Think Sandwell congratulates A&M on the successful delivery of yet another cutting-edge engineering product developed here in our borough. To find out how we can support your company develop, visit our Business Services pages.