Legislation change for food businesses

Fresh salad in a tortilla wrap next to a glass of cola on a wooden tableThe Food Standards Agency (FSA) has launched an online hub to help support businesses that sell prepackaged food meet the new labelling regulations.

From Friday 1 October, prepackaged food being sold directly to the consumer will have to list full ingredients on the product label, and emphasise allergenic ingredients. The new law, referred to as ‘Natasha’s Law’, is the result of campaigning after teenager Natasha Ednan-Laperouse died from an allergic reaction to a prepackaged baguette.

The FSA’s support hub includes information and labelling guidance across a variety of sectors, such as restaurants, cafes and pubs, bakeries, butchers, fast food outlets and takeaways, mobile sellers and street vendors, schools, colleges and nurseries.

The FSA will also be hosting a webinar for food businesses from 2pm to 4pm on Wednesday 4 August. The expert panel will include a number of business people who will talk about what they’ve done to prepare for the changes, and answer questions from the audience. A recording of the event will also be available to watch online afterwards.

With less than three months until the new law comes into effect, Sandwell Council is working closely with the FSA to make sure businesses are aware of the legislation. If you are running a food business, Think Sandwell urges you to make sure you are fully informed about what changes are required, and to put a plan in place to ensure your organisation stays legally compliant after 1 October.