Oldbury welcomes historic firm

Two people in protective wear stand talking at an industrial site.Lodge Cottrell, the world’s oldest air pollution control company, has consolidated its operations onto one large Oldbury site.

The business, which was founded in 1913, has merged its Halesowen, Cradley Heath and Burton upon Trent operations and signed a ten-year lease on 10,463 sq ft of warehouse and office space at 2 Wharfside, Sandwell Green.

Originally called the Lodge Fume Deposit Company, the company was founded by Professor Sir Oliver Lodge, who invented a method of removing dust particles from the air. This electrostatic precipitation method is still used today.

But although the company is over one hundred years old, it’s very much looking to the future, not the past. Air pollution affects global warming, human health and the sustainability of the planet. Lodge Cottrell works with industry to enable businesses to grow while managing environmental issues and meeting emissions regulations. Over the years, the firm has expanded its customer base from traditional coal and oil companies into new technologies such as biomass and energy-from-waste. 

Its work includes the use of electrostatic precipitators, filters, acid gas scrubbers, detarrers and desulphurisation systems. Lodge Cottrell now employs 35 core staff, and brings in up to 200 agency workers during peak periods.

Think Sandwell welcomes Lodge Cottrell and its staff to its new Oldbury home. For more resources to help your business become cleaner and greener, visit our Going Greener page.