New online 5G hub for manufacturers

UK5G Innovation Network. logoUK5G has launched a new online resource to support 5G adoption across the manufacturing sector. The national innovation network’s dedicated new hub aims to help manufacturing businesses to unlock the power of 5G by exploring practical ways to effectively implement it across operations. 

The manufacturing industry has been a cornerstone of the UK economy for centuries and research from Vodafone indicates that the application of new digital technologies such as 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) could add £3.6bn to the sector’s GVA (gross added value) in 2025, rising to £6.3bn in 2030. 

Use cases have highlighted how 5G can streamline processes and procedures across a broad range of activity, from design and planning through to operations, supply chain and maintenance.

UK5G has launched a second hub on its website, dedicated to the manufacturing industry. It explains how 5G could benefit the varied sector, focusing on use-cases in design and planning, production, operations, supply chain and maintenance. 

The hub includes a supplier directory to help organisations find the right companies to ensure they achieve their 5G ambitions. 

Find out more about UK5G and register to join the network by visiting the website:

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