A century of precision parts #MadeInSandwell

A worker in blue overalls working a die casting machine.This week, #MadeInSandwell Monday is celebrating a company that has been manufacturing in West Bromwich for over one hundred years.

Founded by John Herbert Lavender in 1917, JH Lavender specialises in precision aluminium die casting. The company initially served the burgeoning motorcycle industry, then expanded into the marine sector, then automotive. In the 1930s the business moved into purpose-built premises in Stone Cross, West Bromwich, kickstarting a significant period of growth and laying the foundations of its ongoing success.

Now based less than a mile away on Crankhall Lane, JHL has invested £6m in plant and equipment since 2012, with a strong focus on CNC machining and assembly, and the construction of a brand new machine shop and warehouse. As well as its historic relationships in the automotive industry, the company now delivers to a wide range of sectors, including gas, medical and off-highway vehicles. It ships globally to a variety of European countries as well as the USA, Mexico, Brazil and China. 

The recent developments were made possible with a Growing Priority Grant from Sandwell Council. A local building contractor was used, meaning much of the money was spent in the region. As a result, JHL has been able to take on new contracts, and is planning to take on new staff.

Adrian Taylor, finance director said: “Our wide variety of machine sizes now offer the ability to manufacture complex components up to 8kg utilising our 1600 tonne machine. We are very proud to be one of only five die casters in the UK with this high tonnage range of machine.” 

He credits JHL’s ongoing success to a consistent commitment to improvement, saying: “We are fully aware of how price-sensitive supply chains can be, and our continual dedication to improvement and supply of high quality products has ensured we retain our position at the forefront of the UK die casting industry.”

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