Keeping up to date with businesses #MadeInSandwell: CSCM celebrates growth in 2021

A city skyline with lights shiningBack in November 2020 we featured CSCM Ltd as one of our #MadeInSandwell stars as it celebrated 25 years in business. This Monday we’re revisiting the Oldbury firm to celebrate its success and growth during 2021.

Despite plans for a major rebrand getting delayed early in 2020 due to Covid-19, CSCM completed a company overhaul and celebrated its 25th anniversary around this time last year. Since then it has enjoyed an influx of new enquiries and onboarded several new clients.

The Sandwell business works with international companies to help them use technology to do business better. From cybersecurity and cloud solutions, to hands-on IT management, CSCM provides solutions to make businesses’ IT stronger, faster and more efficient.

Acting as a strategic partner and consultant, CSCM delivers high-level IT systems based on insight and an understanding of its clients’ needs. Since its foundation in 1995, CSCM has continually grown and expanded, which has meant a number of moves to successive premises around the Black Country. 

With the help of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)’s Aim for Gold business growth programme and supported by the Think Sandwell team the company moved to larger premises to support business growth, successfully rebranded – including the creation of a fresh new logo – and completely overhauled its website.

CSCM believes that the funding received from the Aim for Gold business growth programme enabled it to achieve its rebranding goals and business objectives, including growing its customer base.

Jenny Hodgkiss, head of projects and marketing said: “The support we received from start to finish from the Think Sandwell team was outstanding and the funding received made a huge difference to CSCM.”

So far 2021 has been positive for CSCM and its new image has really helped to raise its profile, with its new website successfully attracting its target market.

Jenny added: “The money we received from ERDF enabled us to really make positive changes for the better of the company as opposed to making small changes over a long period of time. We chose to utilise the funding to completely invest in the project and update our image and re-design our branding, based on our target market.” 

The Aim for Gold programme is specifically designed to help support local SMEs and social enterprises by helping them identify areas for business growth. It is delivered by the Think Sandwell’s business growth team and is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund. 

On joining the programme businesses receive support to complete a business review and action plan, guidance to equip them with the skills to produce and implement growth plans, and access to grant funding, if appropriate. 

To find out more or register your interest in our Aim for Gold business growth programme visit our Access to Finance page.

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