Valentine’s Day #MadeInSandwell: We love our borough!

Lots of photos made into the shape of a heart with a Think Sandwell logo in the bottom right cornerIt’s five years this week since we published our very first #MadeInSandwell story and we’re still going strong. That’s because there are so many wonderful and diverse businesses in the borough to celebrate and shout about.

And what better day to show our love for the organisations and people that make Sandwell great, than the day of love itself? Today’s special Valentines #MadeInSandwell Monday is all about celebrating the talent, services, products and projects that have been dreamed up and delivered in our borough.

We regularly publish profiles of stand-out Sandwell organisations on #MadeInSandwell Mondays and we’d love to hear from you if your business or project has an interesting story to tell or success story to celebrate. You don’t need to actually ‘make’ things – we just want to know about all the success that’s made in Sandwell.

All you need you to do is complete our #MadeInSandwell Monday questionnaire and email it back to us with a few high-quality images. We’ll take it from there!

“Made In Sandwell Monday is a way for Think Sandwell to celebrate the hard work and success of Sandwell’s business community,” said Tony McGovern, Director of Regeneration at Sandwell Council. “Over five years we’ve built up a bank of profiles that show the range, capabilities and talents of businesses in our diverse borough.”

Tony explained that Made In Sandwell Monday could serve another valuable purpose.

“If you haven’t already, it’s worth browsing to see the scope of organisations right here on your doorstep. Perhaps there’s a Sandwell company you could collaborate with, buy from or supply to in the coming months. Spending locally is good for the environment and helps to retain and recycle wealth in our borough’s economy.

“We also urge business owners who haven’t already: come forward and let Think Sandwell write a profile about you. It’s a really positive way to promote your business.”

You can read all previous Made In Sandwell Monday stories on our main #MadeInSandwell Monday page – and maybe complete the form to request your own profile!