Eco-friendly interior design #MadeInSandwell

Naturally Allard logoNaturally Allard is an eco-friendly interior design company based in Sandwell that produces both commercial and residential designs using sustainable and ethically sourced products.

Owned and run by Sandwell resident ​​Abbie Allard, Naturally Allard has a focus on the impact that interior design can have on mental health. Having researched studies about design and its connection to mental health, Abbie realised the positive impact she could have on people’s lives with her designs.

Founded in 2018, Naturally Allard has always approached interior design with a completely client-focused approach but since the pandemic hit it became more important than ever to Abbie to focus on supporting people’s mental health.

As people started spending more time in their homes, which also became their workplaces, the mental health crisis escalated and for Naturally Allard creating positive interior spaces became paramount.

Abbie found studies showing that natural elements in design can help boost moods, improve productivity and relieve stress. This matched perfectly with the company’s primary ethos of using sustainable and ethically sourced products.

Combining her passion for great design, art and architecture with a focus on creating unique personal spaces that improve mental health means that Abbie has carved out her own niche in the design industry.

Naturally Allard has developed a reputation for creating beautiful yet functional spaces that are good for you mentally, physically and financially and also good for the planet. 

Abbie’s future plans are to partner with both a mental health charity and a green company that will plant trees for every client Naturally Allard takes on, to bring together both of the core values that the company holds. 

Abbie said: “I want our designs to be more than just paint samples and fabric swatches, our homes are our safe place, our family time, the backdrop to our memories and if they can also be a healthy space and a space that helps us relax or feel more positive then they should.” 

To view some of Abbie’s latest projects and beautiful interiors #MadeInSandwell visit Naturally Allard’s website.

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