New from Think Sandwell!

Lots of photos made into the shape of a heart with a Think Sandwell logo in the bottom right cornerTo keep pace with our ever-changing world, the Think Sandwell team has created three brand new web pages to help Sandwell businesses become the best they can be.

Our ‘Going greener’ page contains resources to help companies in the region conserve energy, reduce carbon use, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, minimise waste, and become more efficient, sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

We have also put together a page specifically aimed at ‘Women in business’, acknowledging that workplace gender inequality still exists, and that we all have a part to play in recruiting, retaining and advancing women in Sandwell.

And finally, there’s our ‘Giving back, feeling good’ page, for any local businesses that want to get involved in raising money for charity, volunteering time for a good cause or using their business skills to help people in the community.

This is all in addition to our existing pages, such as ‘Sandwell workplace wellbeing’, ‘Social value’, ‘Digital Sandwell’, ‘Support for social enterprises’, and much more. Our small team works hard to update our pages regularly, to check information carefully, and to scour the news, social media and industry newsletters for relevant stories, initiatives and sources of information. Note the ‘last updated’ footer at the bottom of each page.

By offering this information and advice, we are working to support businesses to play their part in achieving Sandwell Council’s Vision 2030 – an ambition for the borough that in 2030 “Sandwell is a thriving, optimistic and resilient community”.

You can download a copy of ‘Big Plans for a Great Place: The Sandwell Plan’ on the council’s Vision 2030 website, which outlines ten key aims for the borough, including actions for supporting communities, health, jobs, education, safety, transport, housing and industry.

If it’s been a while since you had a good look around the Think Sandwell website, now’s a great time to go for a virtual wander. You never know what you might find! We’d also love to hear about any events, schemes or sources of information that we can add. Please get in contact at any time.