The great fashion decarbonisation opportunity: an invitation to accelerators

A person in a blue boiler suit holding some yellow fabric with white fabric in the backgroundThe Birmingham Energy Institute and Energy Systems Catapult are supporting a global programme run by the Climate Solutions Partnership to accelerate innovation in climate solutions.

HSBC has joined up with World Resources Institute (WRI) and WWF to form a five-year philanthropic partnership to help climate solutions become commercial reality and have real-world impact.

 The Climate Solutions Partnership brings together experts from a global network of partners to curate, review and mentor high impact climate-focused ventures, helping them to secure the investment to scale. 

Its accelerator programme is designed to unearth and support projects from around the world ready to scale and achieve climate mitigation.

 The programme is currently focussing on solutions for the fashion industry, with an emphasis on:

  • Production of renewable thermal energy for the sector
  • Enhancing thermal efficiency of production processes
  • Development of sustainable fabrics and fibres
  • Supporting a just transition
  • Creating a circular economy.

Accelerating sustainable and low carbon fashion solutions is essential to help combat climate change and encourage sustainable behaviour. 

The Climate Solutions Partnership works with climate innovators who are bringing solutions that reduce greenhouse gas emissions, embed quality green jobs, and stimulate local economic development, healthy communities and shrinking inequality. The objective is to move the fashion industry closer to a net zero future in the shortest time possible. 

The deadline for registration of expressions of interest is Wednesday 8 June.

 Following on from expressions of interest, registration for full applications opens on Wednesday 8 June and closes on Wednesday 22 June.

Review and curation takes place from Thursday 30 June to Wednesday 3 August, and finalists are announced and supported from Thursday 4 August onwards.

All shortlisted ventures who participate will receive: 

  • Structured application process and guidance to help them consider different aspects of their solution
  • Feedback from an expert community on their venture 
  • A chance to interact with transdisciplinary experts around the world as part of the challenge curation process
  • Access to workshops and resources provided for the challenge participants.

 The fashion industry continues to experience a growing problem with the carbon intensity of raw materials and processing steps of its supply chain. This opens a myriad of opportunities across the industry’s $2 trillion supply chain. 

Change is required at an unprecedented rate due to the globally significant GHG emissions associated with the sector and increasing pressures from regulation, media attention, consumer awareness and exposure to supply chain risks. 

As well as reducing emissions for climate change mitigation it is essential to protect and include the workforce, their families, and their communities in a just and equitable transition. 

 If your business is interested in being part of this global programme to further develop your idea please contact either Professor Martin Freer of the Birmingham Energy Institute on or Neil Whittaker from Energy Systems Catapult on before Wednesday 8 June.

For more information on ways to help prevent human-made climate change and events to help your Sandwell business become more environmentally friendly, visit our Going greener page.