Energy saving tips from Sandwell Council

Lone lightbulb hanging from ceilingWith temperatures falling and energy costs rising, many businesses are likely to be feeling the pinch this winter. Sandwell Council has four key energy saving tips to help keep costs low.

One of the most effective things we can all do is to make sure our heating systems are running efficiently. Start by turning your thermostats down – even lowering them by just a degree or two can make a big difference to the energy it takes to heat your premises. However, make sure you don’t go below 18 degrees – any lower than that and you could be putting vulnerable staff at risk.

Another way to save energy is by adjusting your boiler temperature down to 60 degrees or below. If your business uses a combi boiler, then it’s quick and easy to turn down the flow temperature. There is more information about how to do this on the Money Saving Boiler Challenge website.

According to the Energy Saving Trust, the average household could save up to £40 a year by not leaving devices such as TVs and consoles on standby, and switching them completely off instead. If your premises has equipment that is left on overnight, it might be worth reviewing what could be switched off while not in use.

Finally, if your business is being affected by energy costs, don’t suffer alone – reach out for advice and information. Leader of Sandwell Council Councillor Kerrie Carmichael said: “We know there are people who are very worried about the cost of living. That’s why we’ve created Warm Spaces at all of our libraries, plus some leisure and community centres. These are places you can come for a hot drink, a chat and advice if you need it.”

Sandwell Council has a web page with more energy saving tips, many of which are just as relevant to business premises as they are to homes and families. There is also the Supporting Sandwell page, which has been set up to help anyone in the borough deal with the current cost of living crisis. 

Businesses can also opt into updates on the Repowering the Black Country project. This initiative aims to provide cost-efficient energy infrastructure across the region, as part of a transition to a net zero industrial future.

There is also an energy crisis community event at West Bromwich Community Centre on Saturday 26 November from 11am to 4pm. The aim is to bring local people together to give support and share practical ideas. Read more about it, and reserve your free spot, on the Eventbrite page. 

And don’t forget that Think Sandwell also has energy saving tips and resources on our Sandwell Energy Switch page.