Is your business taking on temporary seasonal staff? The HMRC app saves time for workers

Close up of person typing on a smart phoneIf your Sandwell business is about to take on new workers to help you over the busy festive season the HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) app could save them time to find details they need to pass on to you. 

In the twelve months running up to October 2022, HMRC received almost three million calls from people asking for information that is now readily available on the app, with more than 340,000 using it to access employment and income information since July 2022. 

New functions and capability mean that app users can access their income and employment history, salary information, National Insurance number or tax code via the app, whenever they need it. 

The information can be downloaded and printed so there is no need to call HMRC to ask for it to be sent in the post. This means that using the app rather than calling the helpline makes the process much quicker for employees. In turn, hopefully making the process of taking on new staff for Christmas smoother for employers.

App users will need a user ID and password, so they can access their personal information. If customers need to set one up the app will guide them through the process. Once a customer has signed into the app for the first time, they can use facial recognition, their fingerprint or a 6-digit pin to get fast and secure access. 

Users who don’t have a Government Gateway user ID and password will need two forms of evidence to prove their identity. This can include their UK passport and UK driving licence.  

HMRC has released a video which explains how to use the app to check employment history, income, tax codes and National Insurance number. 

App users can also benefit from other functions on the app. These include: 

  • Checking payments from your employer 
  • Registering for Self Assessment  
  • Making a Self Assessment payment 
  • Reporting tax credits changes and completing renewals 
  • Accessing their Help to Save account 
  • Using HMRC’s tax calculator to work out their take home pay after Income Tax and National Insurance deductions 
  • Tracking forms and letters they have sent to HMRC 
  • Claiming a refund if they have paid too much tax 
  • Updating their address.

 Your employees can download the app at the App Store or Google Play. Find out more about the HMRC app on the government website.