Energy cost crisis: share your story

West Midlands Industrial Energy Taskforce logoThe West Midlands Industrial Energy Taskforce (WMIET) is organising a series of sessions with local manufacturers to record their experiences of the energy cost crisis.

The WMIET was set up to identify short- and medium-term measures that government and business can take to mitigate the impact of industrial energy cost increases, and to support the transition of West Midlands industry to a net zero carbon future.

The aim of the sessions is to gather information and case studies for the WMIET’s final report. Manufacturers will have the chance to speak to the team directly about what is happening now, and what the outlook is for their businesses going forward.

Five sessions to choose from

There are five two-hour sessions, some in person and some online. Choose the one that works best for you and book via Eventbrite.

The more people attend, the more useful the sessions will be, and the clearer the picture that WMIET will be able to form of energy use in the West Midlands. The final report will be published in June 2023.

If the energy cost crisis is affecting your business, don’t forget that our Sandwell Energy Switch page has information and advice for reducing your electricity and gas costs.