FSA ‘Here to Help’ food businesses

Two people in catering safety outfits with the FSA logo and text reading 'We're here to support your food business'.The Food Standards Agency (FSA) has launched a new online guidance portal to help food businesses operate safely and successfully.

The new ‘Here to Help’ hub includes information on a huge variety of topics, such as starting up, hygiene inspections, allergens, food safety, importing and exporting and food law.

It also includes case studies, showing how particular companies have worked with the FSA and local authorities to start and improve their businesses, as well as information relating to specific sectors, such as wine and animal feed.

Easier to do the right thing

Katie Pettifer, director of strategy and regulatory compliance at the FSA said: “At a time when new food businesses are facing cost pressures and other challenges, the FSA and local authorities want to make it easier for businesses to do the right thing. Our new online hub has gathered the advice and guidance that any new food business needs to make a success of running a compliant and safe business.”

You can visit the hub on the FSA website. And don’t forget that Think Sandwell also has pages with information and advice for all types of businesses including support for startups, growing your business, and international trade.