Sandwell business property

How do I get support with finding, buying or renting premises for my Sandwell business?

When you’re looking to buy or rent commercial property in Sandwell, West Midlands (it’s a great move, by the way!), Think Sandwell is here to help.

Sandwell business property banner with view of Whitehall Road in Tipton

Talk to Think Sandwell

Buying or renting commercial property involves big decisions for any business owner. It’s important that the right people are on hand to help you achieve your desired outcomes. We’re here to help you avoid making the expensive mistakes that many businesses make and find the Sandwell property that suits your needs.

Commercial property includes many types of property, such as offices, retail premises, hotels, warehouses and garages. For an extensive database of locations in Sandwell, contact us for informal advice today.

Search Sandwell Council’s database of available business property

You can also go to Sandwell Council’s land and property page to search for:

* Shops, industrial properties and workshops to rent
* Offices and other facilities to rent
* Land and property for sale
* ‘Development ready’ sites.

This page was last updated in October 2021.