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About the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012

House_social valueThe Public Services (Social Value) Act means that public authorities are required to “have regard to economic, social and environmental well-being in connection with public services contracts; and for connected purposes”.

Sandwell Council has long subscribed to a similar ethos, so we welcomed the Act when it came into force.

It means, in a tendering situation, we look to award work to suppliers who not only provide the most economically advantageous service, but who go beyond their basic contract terms and secure wider benefits for the community.

You can download this simple chart to get an idea about social value outcomes in a social, economic and environmental sense: Social Value Outcomes_v1_October 2017.

Our Communities_social value inputWhat does this mean for your tender?

When responding to a tender you will be asked to set out any additional benefits you can deliver that will help Sandwell economically, socially and/or environmentally.

For our part, we will ensure that our requirements are realistic, proportionate and achievable within the scope of your contract. It is important that social value benefits don’t jeopardise your success in delivering a service or contract.

What does this mean for your contract?

You will need to meet key performance areas, which might include creating local employment opportunities or apprenticeships; engaging with schools; supporting people with disabilities; engaging with the voluntary sector or providing support to a local business enterprise, and so on.

There are many possibilities for supporting the local community – and these key performance areas will always be agreed before the contract is awarded. Sandwell Council’s Community Benefits Officer (see below) will help you with their implementation and monitoring.

Creating Social ValueWhat will Sandwell Council do to help?

We can . . .

* Help you engage with the local community in creating relevant employment and training initiatives
* Share information about Sandwell’s local communitiesin both a geographical and demographic sense
* Help you target and recruit people from priority groups in order to give them work experience opportunities
* Facilitate engagement with local schools (so you could support careers events and CV writing, for example) and share with them information about what your business does
* Help you to set up apprenticeship vacancies
* Support you in advertising vacancies and recruiting local people (see Think Sandwell’s recruitment services)
* Help you to identify and engage with appropriate partner organisations to ensure you achieve your goals and commitments.

How Think Sandwell can help

For more information about adding social value when delivering services for Sandwell Council you can contact Think Sandwell’s Community Benefits Coordinator Karen Richards via

Think Sandwell also offers a range of services from recruitment to apprenticeship support. If you’re a first-time employer, we can help ensure you have everything in place to make the process run smoothly. Read more on our recruitment and training page or contact us via our form.

More about the Public Services (Social Value) Act 2012

Here are some useful links:

www.socialvalueportal.comSocial Value Portal allows organisations to measure and manage the contribution they make (and the contribution their supply chain makes) to society. gives government information and resources relating to the Social Value Act. Social Value UKis a national network for people who interested in social value and social impact.

Toolkits and case studies coming soon.

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