Why Sandwell

Sandwell: the renaissance

Sandwell, in the heart of the West Midlands, has a diverse economy thanks to innovative companies and a highly skilled workforce.

Our region is home to around 9,000 businesses: exciting and dynamic companies which collectively employ approximately 140,000 people.

Thanks to our excellent transport links, skilled people and cost-competitive location at the centre of England, more and more companies are looking to Sandwell to fulfill their business needs.

Five reasons to invest or do business in Sandwell:

  1. Our strategic location with excellent transport links
    Being located in the UK’s manufacturing heartland gives companies in Sandwell a significant advantage that is enhanced by excellent transport links. As well as our close proximity to Birmingham (with its rail and tram networks), Sandwell lies at the heart of the national motorway network. Our five junctions feeding into the M5 and M6 mean an amazing 90 per cent of the population of England and Wales is less than two hours’ drive away. We are only 15 miles from Birmingham International Airport.
  1. Our ability to produce and attract a skilled workforce
    Sharing an eastern border with the nation’s second city allows Sandwell businesses to tap into the knowledge and skills of hundreds of thousands of potential workers. Within five miles of Sandwell, for example, you’ll find more than 100,000 university students. Read about the support we can give with recruitment.
  1. Cost advantages that translate into higher profits
    Sandwell is a cost-effective business location – and this could significantly boost your profitability. Salary rates for skilled workers in Sandwell are lower than rates across the West Midlands region and substantially lower than the UK national average. Like-for-like property costs are up to 40 per cent lower in Sandwell than in London.
  1. Perfect, premium space thanks to new office developments
    With a range of business accommodation options available at lower costs than elsewhere in the UK, Sandwell is an attractive destination to set up shop. Companies which have set up headquarters and major bases in the borough in recent times include the AA and Midshire Business Group. Access our commercial property expertise today.
  1. A pro-business council that supports your growth and development
    Sandwell Council is committed to helping businesses reach their growth potential: we want you to thrive because it’s good for our local economy, our residents and their job and training prospects (which in turn leads to better standards of health and wellbeing). Learn more about what we offer.Page last reviewed in July 2018.